Pilgrim Talk Podcast: Worship – Benedictions and Final thoughts

The group discusses Benedictions and the end of the service.  They chime in with a few final and closing thoughts about the importance of worship in the life of a Christian.

A sound problem does crop up near the end, a few seconds of audio was lost.  Apologies, but I don’t have the ability to fix or retrieve it.


2 thoughts on “Pilgrim Talk Podcast: Worship – Benedictions and Final thoughts

  1. Andrea Powell

    I appreciated the pastors’ discussion of how we ought to approach worship, that there is something unique about the corporate worship time. I understand the points made about the believer’s faith being called into question because he doesn’t like the gathering of the saints, but I wonder, is there any fault on the church’s end? Is it possible that a church is conducting itself in such a way that it can become a trial or discouragement to the believer that does not necessarily blame the believer? Is it always the sin of the believer if corporate worship is a trial? I’m thinking of the charge against Eli for the conduct of his sons that caused the corporate worship to be a burden on God’s people instead of a refreshing comfort, or of the charge against unfaithful shepherds who are hirelings instead of faithful caretakers of the sheep of God, or the condemnation of some of the churches in Revelation.

    I know that this is beyond the scope of the topic for this episode, but I wonder how the pastors might respond to the other side of the argument. I know people who seem to have legitimate complaints about a church becoming a consumer of the sheep instead of a feeder of the sheep. Would we call the faith into question of such a one?

    1. revleejjohnson Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Andrea. I will try to get the group’s response, but sadly they are all going camping and sleeping outside with the beasts of the field or something for the next few weeks. So you are stuck with just my thoughts. I thought it a good and important question, and have put it into the next podcast so all can benefit. So, you should have your answer on Monday!
      Thanks again for listening.


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