3 thoughts on “Pilgrim Talk Podcast – Historical Minute

  1. Jeremy B

    In addition to the work from Hodge that was mentioned, are there any other books you would recommend regarding the Old Side?

    1. revleejjohnson Post author

      Hodge in his Constitutional History actually comes out for the New Side, but you can tell in reading his work that maybe he comes out New Side because he has to. He tries very hard to make the differences between the two groups minor. The only other work that takes an even approach to the Old Side I can think of is History of the Presbyterian Church by Rev. Richard Webster. It was printed in 1857 and I had to get my copy from one of those companies that binds copies together, I think it was Good Books, but I am not sure. It might be online by now. Webster also has a helpful short biography of all the ministers who joined the Presbyterian church up until they made the General Assembly, I think. Other than that you may need to find the original writings.


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