In 1521, the reformation arrived in the Imperial German city of Strasburg.  The cathedral preacher who faithfully proclaimed the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ was a man named Matthew Zell.  Zell proclaimed salvation in Christ alone by faith alone through grace alone.  The Roman Catholic Church tried to prevent this message from going out, and locked the cathedral pulpit so that Zell could not ascend it to preach and proclaim Christ.  But the people desired it, so the local carpenter’s guild built a moveable wooden pulpit.  When Zell came to preach they brought in the wooden pulpit, and Zell went in it and preached.  After the service they took it back and kept it safe until next time it was needed.

It is in this spirit that Wooden Pulpit Media desires to do its work.  A method for the faithful word of God to be published to the world.  And in today’s world, the ways this can be done are manifold.  So Wooden Pulpit Media will, with the Lord’s help, try to bring the word of God to you in multiple media methods.  We hope to publish blogs, compile essays, print books, launch a podcast (or two!), find ways to incorporate video and who knows what else!

Our focus will be to bring forth practical application of Reformation theology.  We desire to aid in orthodoxy as well as orthopraxy.  We would love to have your feed back.  Is there something you would like to see addressed?  Contact us.  We are here to serve the Lord by serving you.  May the Lord Jesus be praised and glorified in all our words and works.

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